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Selby Martial Arts

Long's Black Belt School Selby Club

Selby Martial Arts | Longs Black Belt Schools Selby Gym

Selby Martial Arts is the newest addition to Long's black belt schools and is a newly renovated full time gym owned by Nicole Pratt and Ryan Garbutt.

Our schools are taught with over 10 years of martial arts knowledge behind them, starting with two schools in Haxby and Copmanthorpe we soon released we had an opportunity to benefit many families and children.

Our Program teaches traditional kickboxing with a modern twist which enables students to learn quicker and progress at a higher quality while learning other martial arts like boxing, karate, thai boxing and more. However, it’s not all about the techniques and martial art moves, we also teach children key life skills like focus, respect, listening while keeping them fit and healthy

At our Selby club we offer a full range of lessons, aimed to push and challenge all ages and all skill levels.

Lesson Age Group
Little Dragons Children Aged 3 to 6 years old
Ninja Kids Children Aged 7 to 12 years old
Adult Kickboxing For adults aged 12+
Jiu Jitsu For adults aged 14+

Little Dragons 3-6 years old

Our Little dragon programs are specially designed to help younger children gain a solid grounding in the benefits of martial arts in a safe and responsible environment. We help our young students develop a passion for physical activity that should help keep them fit and active throughout their lifetime, as well as instilling a sense of order and discipline from a young age.

The Little dragon program is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills. Some of our basic building blocks include; Courtesy, Respect, Confidence, Honesty, Perseverance, Self-Discipline.

Ninja Kids 7-12 years old

Our ninja kids program is designed not only to give your child a safe martial arts workout but also a healthy mind work out too. Using the A, B, C of martial arts - Attitude, Behaviour and Character. This 7-12-year-old programme will give your child more confidence, discipline and the tools for success while also keeping their mind set on goals and teaching them fundamental life skills like determination, honesty, focus, goal setting etc.

With our Ninja kid program, we truly believe that our classes are the best for you or your child's fitness. All of our lessons are taught by passionate, motivational and inspiring instructors.

Adult Kickboxing - 12+

Our friendly relaxed classes are the perfect alternative to boring repetitive gym workouts. They will leave you feeling fulfilled in every way. You will burn off excess calories in our advanced classes and tone up while learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones. You will develop an improved fitness level and will be rewarded with energy levels and a new motivation that will make you feel renewed.

Dedicated viewing area with 25 seats, coffee machine, Soft Drink/Snack Machine and CCTV, with fully stocked shop for all your martial arts equipment

Contact Details

Selby Martial Arts The Warehouse,
Douglas Street,
Tel : 0800 069 9305

Open Times

Mon   3pm - 9pm
Tue   10:30am - 12pm
    3pm - 9pm
Wed   3pm - 9pm
Thurs   10:30am - 12pm
    3pm - 9pm
Fri   3pm - 9pm
Sat   9:30am - 12:30pm
Sun   Closed


Ryan Garbutt
Nicole Pratt
Gareth Pratt
Craig Lawrence
CIT - Mary Mohan
CIT - Nikki Rawlings
CIT - Joshua Turner
CIT - Matty Wellburn

Find Selby Martial Arts

If you are interesting in joining us for a free training session, please use the map to get directions. Please remember to let us know before you turn up, to help us allocate and plan for numbers.

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Simply put in your postcode and we will be able to direct you to our Selby gym.


The combination of learning new skills; techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones; meeting new people and being positively motivated all increases your confidence tremendously.


A study done by the Harvard Medical School found that people who participated in cardio-kickboxing were able to burn upto 888 calories every hour.


Kickboxing improves self-esteem because it allows you feel good about yourself in many areas. You are able to improve your body while learning self-defence moves at the same time.