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Here are Long's Blackbelt Schools we would like you to "try before you buy". Come down, train, enjoy and get fit. All we ask is you contact us and let us know as we can book you in to an appropriate lesson. To find out more, visit our free trial page


At Long's Black Belt Schools we are proud to offer Martial Arts training to everybody. We believe that our martial arts programmes offer massive benefits to all who attend. For over a decade we have helped 1000's of people from all ages and abilities to gain confidence, self esteem, self respect, increased strength and fitness levels and helped to aid members with huge weight loss.

We teach from 3 years (Little Dragons Lessons) upward and we truly believe that our classes are the best for you or your child. All of our lessons are tought by passionate, motivational and inspiring instructors.

The classes are taught in a nurturing positive environment and are high tempo classes ensuring that you not only get fit and loose excess pounds but you also have lots of fun as well. We really are proud of the unique family feel to our schools and you are welcome to come and join us.

We have a character development programme that will inspire you or your child to live the "Black Belt Lifestyle". We strongly encourage our junior members to always use "Black Belt Attitude" in all aspects of their lives.

We have daily classes for all abilities to ensure our programmes fit in with your busy lifestyle. There is no doubt that if your browsing for the perfect martial arts school, you are certainly looking on the right site.

If you're wanting the perfect family activity you should pay us a visit first and see what we have to offer.

We do not insist on long term contracts or high joining fees, we simple ask that you purchase your martial arts insurance and training kit after your free trial and pay your rolling monthly fee. If you would like more information about the insurnace required or the monthly fees, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interesting in any of our services and are ready to give it a go, simply enter your details in the "register for a free trial" box to arrange your FREE trial.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

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The combination of learning new skills; techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones; meeting new people and being positively motivated all increases your confidence tremendously.


A study done by the Harvard Medical School found that people who participated in cardio-kickboxing were able to burn upto 888 calories every hour.


Kickboxing improves self-esteem because it allows you feel good about yourself in many areas. You are able to improve your body while learning self-defence moves at the same time.